What Is Vision Therapy in Lancaster, OH? Information from an Eye Doctor

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Vision therapy is a type of eye and brain treatment, often used as a non-surgical alternative to treat many of the most common types of visual problems, such as lazy eye, double vision, crossed eyes and convergence insufficiency. Many patients who do not benefit simply from getting glasses have achieved excellent results by going through vision therapy in Lancaster, OH with an eye doctor to remedy these problems.

Vision therapy has also proven to be an effective tool to help people with learning disabilities resolve their visual problems. In fact, one of the primary causes of difficulties with reading, learning and education in general is vision problems.

Here is a general overview of what’s involved in a standard vision therapy program:

  • Vision therapy is, at its core, a progressive program of a number of vision-related exercises and procedures.
  • It must be performed under a doctor’s supervision at all times to ensure the best patient results and care.
  • It must be individualized to fit the needs of each patient and his or her vision.
  • It must be conducted in the optometrist’s office, usually in one or two sessions per week of at least 30 minutes to an hour each time.
  • In some cases, vision therapy programs are supplemented with some procedures done at home between these office appointments, which optometrists typically refer to as “homework” or “home reinforcement.”
  • Depending on the case and the vision problems the patient experiences, procedures are prescribed to help patients improve their fundamental visual abilities and skills, improve their visional comfort and ease and change how a patient either interprets or processes certain types of visual information.

More than just eye exercises

It’s a common misconception that vision therapy is simply a bunch of eye exercises that anyone could do from home to improve their vision. While there is typically an element of homework associated with vision therapy, that is about as far as the self-help aspects of any good program go. The goal is not to strengthen eye muscles (which are already strong), but to improve overall visual abilities.

Optometric experts must create an individualized program for each patient. Certain types of medical equipment might also be used in the process, including corrective or therapeutic lenses, optical filters, occluders, eye patches, electronic targets, visual-motor-sensory integration training devices, balance boards and certain types of computer software.

At the outset of any program for vision therapy in Lancaster, OH, the patient will take a comprehensive vision examination under the supervision of the eye doctor. This will give the doctor a better idea of the kind of progress that needs to be made, and the visual shortcomings of that specific patient.

For more information about visual therapy and improving your overall vision, contact a trusted eye doctor in Lancaster, OH today. Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC looks forward to answering any questions you have and helping you to improve your vision to make your life easier as you move to the future.

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