What to Expect from a Visit to the Eye Doctor in Lancaster, OH

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If you have never been to the eye doctor in Lancaster, OH, now is the time to go, as your eye health depends upon it. An eye exam is a straightforward and painless process that will help determine whether your vision requires correction. An optometrist will also evaluate your eyes for other health conditions to ensure your eyes are healthy and there is no cause for concern. Here is what you can expect from an exam at your eye clinic.

Sight, distance and perception

An eye doctor in Lancaster, OH will perform a series of tests on your eyes to determine how good your vision is. Some of the most common tests include the acuity test, which has you read from a chart from a determined distance away. This will help the eye doctor determine how strong your vision is from far away. You will also be tested for color blindness by looking at cards of different colors and identifying the images on them.

You will also undergo a depth perception test and an eye muscle test to indicate the health and capabilities of your eyes. Both tests are painless and only measure your eyes’ abilities. An eye doctor in Lancaster, OH will perform these tests, as well as examine your pupils. Here, they will be looking for any abnormalities and measuring pupil contraction and dilation. This will be followed by an autorefraction test that will look at how light is reflected through your eye. This can help determine whether a prescription for glasses is necessary.

Finding your glasses prescription

To really zero in on the strength of your eyeglasses prescription, an eye doctor in Lancaster, OH will use retinoscopy to determine which lenses focus light the most accurately into your eye. The final determination of your glasses prescription will come by using a refraction test that has you looking through a series of lenses to determine which allow you to read better. Some will provide better vision, while others will make it blurrier. The optometrist will ask you which you prefer to help determine which prescription would be best for you.

Your eyes will also be dilated during your eye exam, which can make vision challenging for a while afterwards, but the effect typically wears off within a few hours. Dilation provides a better means of seeing the back of your eyes. If the optometrist notices anything abnormal in your eyes, additional tests may be needed, but they all go toward providing you the best possible eye care.

By making an appointment with your eye doctor in Lancaster, OH, you will be ensured a professional and efficient eye exam that will determine the overall state of your eye health. This will give you the information you need to preserve your vision and make sure your eyes stay healthy as you age. To schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, contact Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC. We offer a variety of eye care services, including eye exams, glaucoma and cataract testing, LASIK consultations, vision therapy and pediatric eye care.

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