Talk to Your Eye Doctor in Lancaster, OH About Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

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If you don’t make it to the eye doctor for regular eye exams, then you probably haven’t gotten your yearly reminder about the many things that are harmful to your eyes and vision. Having a poor diet or leading an unhealthy lifestyle all have the potential to cause issues with your vision, but the sun is just as harmful, if not more. Because the sun can negatively impact your vision and cause avoidable problems, everyone should be aware of what exactly can happen to their eyes and what they can do to prevent damage from the sun.

Here’s how the sun can damage your eyes—and what you can do to prevent this from happening.

How can the sun damage your eyes?

The sun may be enjoyable when you are spending time outside with friends and family, but too much sun without the proper protection can leave your eyes damaged. This damage is specifically caused by UV rays. UV exposure can actually lead to cataracts, cancer, macular degeneration and even corneal sunburn.

Like many medical conditions that are asymptomatic, it will take a visit to the doctor to determine whether or not you have a vision-related illness. This is why going to the eye doctor regularly can help catch things early on and save your vision. There are treatments available, but for some of these conditions, vision loss is inevitable.

What ways can you protect your eyes from the sun year-round?

Protecting your eyes from the sun is fairly easy. Given the many ways it can damage your eyes and cause vision problems, more people should make a greater effort to keep their eyes safe. One way you can do this is by wearing sunglasses. This doesn’t mean just picking up any pair, because not all glasses offer the amount of protection your eyes require to avoid damage. You want to purchase a pair that absorbs and blocks UV rays, because they will offer the maximum amount of defense.

In addition to wearing sunglasses, you can wear hats or visors. Hats and visors, depending on the size of the brim, can block up to half of the sun’s rays from reaching your eyes. If possible, people should also attempt to spend time in a shaded area where there is not as much sun. The less sunlight there is, the less likely your eyes are to be damaged.

Your eyes need to be protected year-round. It is a common belief that the summertime is the only time when the sun can damage your eyes, but the sun shines 365 days a year, which means your eyes are not as safe as you may have thought. If you haven’t done so, it is time to alter your lifestyle and make the necessary changes that will keep your eyes and vision safe for the long term.

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