Spring Season Eye Care Tips from an Eye Doctor in Lancaster, OH

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While the most common springtime eye hazard is sun exposure, there are others that stick out as well. Allergens in your eyes will cause discomfort, and outdoor activities can lead to hurt eyes or broken eyewear. Luckily, with the right eye care knowledge, you and your family can plan for an enjoyable spring season free from eye pain and vision damage. Let’s take a look at some spring eye care tips from an eye doctor in Lancaster, OH:

  • Wear polarized sunglasses: If you don’t want to have to stay inside during warm spring days because the sun hurts your eyes, then get yourself a pair of polarized sunglasses. These types of sunglasses will protect your eyes from a good amount of harmful ultraviolet light, but you should still seek shade whenever possible. You do not need a prescription for polarized sunglasses; simply visit a sunglasses shop. But if you do wear corrective lenses, ask your eye care professional to order you a customized pair.
  • Wear protective eyewear: Like clockwork, outdoor activities commence when spring arrives. Unfortunately, there are many potential outdoor dangers. Playing contact sports or sports that require using equipment rank near the top of the list for eye injuries. Even yard work has the potential to harm your eyes—things like debris flying out from the lawn mower, splinters from hammering a wood fence and losing control of a pressure washer can all be dangerous. Wear protective eyewear like goggles or durable sports sunglasses when doing outdoor activities.
  • Clean eyewear often: Pollen, dust and other indoor and outdoor allergens are bound to get on your glasses. That is why glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses must be wiped down several times a day. However, it’s not only allergens that are a problem to eye health. Air pollutants and your sweat can also irritate sensitive eyes. Remember to clean all parts of your eyewear, including the arms, frame, nose pad, lenses and the eyeglass strap or chain.
  • Wash your hands regularly: Your eyes will be quick to become irritated if you rub them with dirty, allergen covered hands. So, whether you suffer from season springtime allergies or not, wash your hands often to avoid eye infections and making eye allergies worse.
  • Avoid looking at the sun: Even though you likely wear sunglasses outside, you still should not look directly at the sun. The sun will sting your retinas, which is why your eyes naturally squint when exposed to harsh, bright light. If you want to bathe your face for a few minutes in the warm sun, make sure you close your eyes and wear sunglasses with UV protection.

From fresh garden pollen to strong ultraviolet light to outdoor activities and more, there are quite a few things that can cause damage to your eyes during the spring season. If you’re taking steps to care for your eyes, the only reason you should need to visit your eye doctor in Lancaster, OH this spring is for your regular exam. For eye exams, tests and prescription glasses, call the experienced team at Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC anytime!

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