Are Polarized Lenses for Prescription Sunglasses in Lancaster, OH Worth the Investment?

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Walk into any sunglasses store or optometrist’s office that offers sunglasses and the first thing you’ll notice is a huge selection of protective eyewear frames and lenses. After all, everyone has their own style and different budgets, and many others need to special order prescription lenses. But what are these polarized glasses you keep seeing? Do they protect eyes against sun damage any better than regular UV sunglasses options?

The biggest advantage of polarized lenses is their function, although they do offer a specific type of protection against damaging UV rays. When it comes to regular sunglasses, they give basic protection from vertical and horizontal UV rays, but glare from reflected horizontal rays is not reduced. Polarized lenses, meanwhile, have a built-in filter that only lets vertical light rays through, while blocking out most horizontal rays and eliminating glare. For example, popularized glasses let you see through the surface of lake water without sky and sun reflections getting in the way.

So, the question remains: Are polarized lenses for prescription sunglasses in Lancaster, OH worth the investment? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of polarized lenses:


  • You will notice an increase in your visual comfort. This is because your eyes do not have to fight against sun glare, making it easier for you to see people and objects even in the brightest light.
  • Eyestrain will disappear or reduce! When your eyes are exposed to sun glare, they are constantly adjusting to the reflective glare. For some people, this is hard on their eyes and can lead to eye fatigue.
  • As mentioned above, polarized lenses block out water reflections from the sun, sky and surrounding area. These lenses allow you to see through the surface of the water by enhancing vision and making contrast more clear.
  • Besides significantly diminished sun glare and reflections, polarized sunglasses also make colors pop—especially colors found in nature.


  • While polarized lenses are great for canceling out glare, they can cause the wearer some difficulty when looking at LCD screens. At certain angles, images on the screen can even seem to disappear.
  • Polarized sunglasses are recommended for skiers. However, some (but not all) may compromise object contrast in certain light. In this case, distinguishing between snow-covered areas and patches of ice can be a challenge.
  • It’s true that a pair of high quality polarized sunglasses typically costs more than regular sunglasses. But, the investment is definitely worth it for folks who can truly benefit from their function. If you do decide these types of lenses are for you, make sure you get a high quality pair and take care of them. Need a prescription? Follow up with your eye doctor before buying.

The key takeaway here is deciding whether you can benefit from polarized prescription sunglasses in Lancaster, OH, or if regular UV-blocking sunglasses will work fine. At Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC, we are experts in the field of eye health and prescription lenses. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about the advantages of polarized eyewear.

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