The Pros and Cons of Transition Lenses

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Summertime can be a drag for those who wear glasses. It is too hard to see in direct sunlight with your glasses on, and prescription sunglasses can be a pain when you go indoors. Since you need eyeglasses in Lancaster, OH to see properly, a pair of transition lenses may be just what the doctor ordered for proper vision both indoors and out.

How do transition lenses work?

With transition eyeglasses in Lancaster, OH, you will have the benefit of seeing outdoors when it is sunny as well as indoors where light levels are lower. With one pair of glasses, you can easily move between the two spaces without switching pairs.

Transition glasses work by darkening or transitioning the lenses according to the light level. This doesn’t allow artificial light to affect them, and they only darken as necessary when outdoors. This can provide you with the look and feel of a pair of prescription sunglasses without the headache of having to constantly switch from one pair to another.

Advantages and disadvantages of transition lenses

Some of the benefits of wearing transition eyeglasses in Lancaster, OH include their ability to darken within 30 seconds. This allows for quick adjustment of your vision when outdoors and won’t leave you without the ability to see for any length of time.

If you have ever tried to use your eyeglasses to see outdoors, you know how difficult it can be. This is further compounded by the effects of the sun, which can cause eye damage through its ultraviolet rays. You could develop cataracts or other eye issues that could affect your vision even further if you don’t give your eyes the protection that transition lenses provide.

The look of transition eyeglasses in Lancaster, OH is just like a normal pair of glasses or sunglasses. You even have the option of a gray or brown tint, depending on your taste. They are constructed with a lightweight frame, so they are comfortable to wear for long durations.

Transition glasses are ideal for individuals who spend their time outdoors as well as inside. The quick and seamless transition of the lenses allows you instant visibility as you walk into a shop or sit outdoors to enjoy lunch with friends. You never have to worry about where you placed your sunglasses, as you will always have your transition lenses with you.

There are some drawbacks to wearing transition lenses that you also need to consider. They aren’t effective when driving, which can create a hassle for some users. Because your vehicle’s windshield blocks the UV rays of the sun, your transition glasses are unable to change as necessary when you are in your car. You may also have to remove your transition eyewear if you are posing for a photo. The lenses are dark enough to obscure the eyes, but are no different than if you wore a regular pair of sunglasses.

Investing in a pair of transition eyeglasses in Lancaster, OH can help you make the most of your summertime, as you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors with ease and comfort. You’ll see better when you are outside and not have to fuss with an additional pair of glasses to enjoy proper vision. To learn more about whether you are a good candidate for transition lenses, contact Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC. We are a family practice that is dedicated to providing you with the finest in eye care.

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