The Telling Signs of Glaucoma

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Millions of people in the United States suffer from glaucoma, an eye disorder that causes pressure in the eye to increase, leading to gradual loss of vision. Eventually, glaucoma can cause irreversible blindness, so it’s crucial that you are aware of the signs of this disease to ensure that you get the best treatment possible. By understanding the signs of glaucoma and working with your eye doctor in Lancaster, OH, you can prevent this disease from progressing rapidly and causing permanent vision loss.

The basics of glaucoma

Healthy eyes absorb and release fluid frequently to maintain a constant level of pressure and prevent fluid buildup. Glaucoma causes fluid to build up in your eye, either by excessive absorption or not enough drainage. As fluid builds up and pressure increases, the retina becomes damaged and patients begin to lose their vision. Eventually, the pressure become so great that it damages the eyes permanently and causes irreversible blindness.

Types of glaucoma and treatment options

There are two different types of glaucoma that patients may develop: open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma. Normally, fluid passes into the eye through the angle between the cornea and the iris, but with open-angle glaucoma, the canals in the eye become clogged over time and prevent proper fluid release. Open-angle glaucoma takes much longer to manifest than angle-closure glaucoma, and symptoms typically don’t show up until the disease is in its later stages.

Angle-closure glaucoma happens when the eye’s drainage canals are blocked suddenly. This causes a rapid increase in eye pressure that usually causes very noticeable symptoms. These might include severe headaches, pain behind the eyes, vision problems, auras, sudden loss of vision and nausea. While angle-closure glaucoma is easier to detect than open-angle glaucoma, it also causes damage at a much faster rate.

There are a number of approaches that can effectively treat glaucoma, including pills, eye drops, laser surgery and traditional surgery. To ensure that these options have the best chance of working, however, it’s important that you catch your glaucoma as early as possible. Since symptoms might not show up until your glaucoma has become advanced, the best way to check for glaucoma is to visit an eye doctor in Lancaster, OH for regular screenings. They will be able to test for glaucoma and determine whether any action needs to be taken to treat your eyes. Your eye doctor can also help you with other vision and eye problems.

Visit an eye doctor in Lancaster, OH

Glaucoma can be a very serious disease, but you can get the treatment and testing you need to keep your eyes healthy at Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC. We’ve been serving patients at our family owned and operated clinic since 1974, and we remain dedicated to providing outstanding services and treatments. We are happy to provide service that’s professional, friendly, reliable and affordable. We would love to provide you the treatments and solutions you need. You can find out more or schedule an appointment by giving us a call today.

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