A Clear Vision: Glasses Cleaning and Care Tips from Your Eye Doctor in Lancaster, OH

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You probably have a regular routine for cleaning your house. Maybe you take your vehicle to the car wash regularly. It’s likely you do laundry at least once a week to keep your clothes clean. Do you provide similar care for your glasses? If you’re not sure how to properly care for these items, use the following dos and don’ts from your eye doctor in Lancaster, OH.

Following these tips will help you keep your glasses in top shape. If your glasses are suffering from previous care mistakes, consult with your eye doctor in Lancaster, OH to make repairs or replace your glasses. Remember, your vision is at stake, so it’s worth the effort to properly maintain your eyewear.


  • Wash your hands with lotion-free soap before cleaning your glasses. Residue from your oily hands or lotion-infused soaps will transfer to your glasses.
  • Rinse your glasses with lukewarm water before cleaning them. This will remove any particles to avoid scratching during cleaning.
  • Use a mixture of warm water and a drop of dish soap to gently clean the nose pads, lenses and frames of your glasses.
  • Dry your clean glasses with a clean, lint-free cloth. Choose a soft cotton to protect your lenses from scratching.
  • Carefully remove your glasses with both hands when you take them off. This will help prevent misaligning the frames.
  • Set your glasses down with the lenses facing up. This is a good habit to develop to protect your lenses from damage.
  • Store your glasses in a hard-shell protective case. When not in use, your glasses can be damaged by a host of situations if not properly stored.
  • Check the screws regularly to ensure tightness. This will prevent lost screws and loose frames.
  • Keep an eyeglass repair kit on hand. This is helpful in a pinch.
  • Bring your glasses to your eye doctor in Lancaster, OH for inspections and adjustments. Your optometrist can provide expert care for your eyewear.


  • Don’t use bleach, window cleaner or vinegar to clean your glasses. These products can harm the lenses or their coating.
  • Don’t use hot water to clean your glasses. This can be too harsh on the lens coating.
  • Don’t dry your lenses with a paper product (anything other than cotton). These rough surfaces can scratch your glasses.
  • Don’t wipe your glasses on your clothing. Lint, dirt and other grime that is present on your clothing can easily do more damage than good as you try to clean your glasses.
  • Don’t spit on your glasses to clean them. Your saliva can contain oils and other damaging properties that harm your glasses.

Keep Things Clear

Would you like additional tips about glasses cleaning and care? Contact your eye doctor in Lancaster, OH for expert advice. The team at Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC would love to assist you. We leverage over 40 years of experience to deliver the best eye care in the industry. Our team takes pride in providing top-level products and services. Reach out to us today with any questions about your glasses care or to schedule an appointment.

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