Why You Should Continue Wearing Your Sunglasses Through Winter

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Your winter closet is likely packed full of warm jackets, sweaters, snow boots and scarves—but don’t forget to add sunglasses to your seasonal wardrobe! Sunglasses are a staple warm weather accessory vital to protecting the eyes from the bright summer sun. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize sunglasses are just as important during the chilly months of the year. In fact, the combination of sun and snow makes wintertime especially hazardous to the eyes. That’s why it’s so important to complement that holiday sweater and winter hat with a pair of UV protective sunglasses.

Not convinced yet? Here are four reasons why a pair of polarized sunglasses should be a staple in your winter wardrobe.

Harmful UV rays

The sun’s UV rays don’t just disappear during the winter. Research shows severe sun damage can still occur on overcast and cool days. Harmful UV rays are ever-present, which means the threat of sun damage never subsides. Exposing the eyes directly to UV rays can result in a serious condition called photokeratitis. This condition is like a sunburn on the cornea, resulting in irritation, burning and even temporary blindness. Prolonged exposure can even cause cataracts and skin cancer around the eyes. Wearing polarized sunglasses is the only way to reduce exposure.

Cuts down on sun glare

Water, snow and ice are common during the winter season. The sun reflecting on the wintry precipitation can cause serous glare and even temporarily impair a person’s vision. The reflective glare can be especially dangerous while driving, snowboarding, skiing or even just walking outside. Polarized sunglasses cut down the glare and comfortably shield the eyes from harmful reflections. You don’t have to sacrifice your vision to reduce sun glare, though—you’ll still be able to see perfectly on the road or ski slopes with a pair of prescription sunglasses in Lancaster, OH.

Protection from wind and dust

The harsh icy winter winds and blowing dust particles can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. The drying winds can strip the eyes of moisture and cause them to feel uncomfortable and itchy. Wind carrying small rocks can scratch the eye and even cause permanent blindness. Throwing on a pair of shades will offer the perfect amount of protection and help preserve the natural moisture of the eye.

Improved vision

The unforgiving winter sun can be detrimental to long-term eye health. The bright reflection of the sun hitting the snow can cause light-induced bleaching of the retinas and strip the eyes of visual acuity. Investing in a high-quality pair of polarized prescription sunglasses in Lancaster, OH is actually an investment in your health.

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