Which Contacts Are Right for You: Monthly, Weekly or Daily?

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There are about as many types of contacts as there are people who want to wear them. With so many choices, it can be hard to differentiate and choose the type that are right for you. If you’ve been wearing contacts for years and are considering changing the type you wear, or if you’re new to wearing contacts, you may be wondering whether monthly, weekly or Dailies contacts in Lancaster, OH are the right choice. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each type.

Monthly contacts

Monthly contacts can be worn for up to one month, which is the longest wear period of all types of contacts. They’re reusable, meaning you take them out at night and store them in fresh contact solution until you’re ready to put them in again in the morning.

For upkeep, you’ll have to care for one pair of contacts for the entire month, meaning you’ll need to rinse the lenses with clean solution every time you take them out and store them in solution at night. You’ll need to clean the lens case as well, to avoid transferring bacteria from your hands or old contacts onto the lenses. Plus, the lens case is only made to last a few months, so you’ll want to purchase a new lens case every two to three months.

Monthly contact lenses are by far the cheapest lens choice, since you’ll wear them the longest and have to change them less often than weeklies or dailies. However, you should also consider the cost of the solution you’re using every day and the new lens cases you’ll be purchasing.

Weekly contacts

Weekly contact lenses are similar to monthlies in that you’ll wear the same pair for multiple days. However, these can’t be reused for as long. You’ll wear the same pair for multiple days in a row, usually up to two or three weeks. That means the same costs and upkeep will apply as for monthlies, including contact lens solution and contact lens cases.

Dailies contacts

Dailies contacts are worn only for one day and then thrown away. Each time you want to put contact lenses in, you’ll open a new pack. That means that there are no upkeep costs or time-consuming washing and cleaning involved. They’re also more hygienic, because there’s less chance of transferring bacteria from your hands or the contact itself to the case and back to your eyes.

Dailies contacts in Lancaster, OH are a great choice no matter how often you wear your contacts, whether every day or only for occasions like working out, because each time you need them, you just open a new pack and then throw them out when you’re through, and you never have to worry about storing them or how long you’ve been using the same pair. While they do end up costing more in the long run since you’re going through more pairs, you’ll save money on cleaning solution and cases.

If you’re interested in talking more about the different options or getting fitted for monthly, weekly or Dailies contacts in Lancaster, OH, contact the team at Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC today!

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