Can I Naturally Improve My Eyesight?

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Anyone whose vision has deteriorated has wondered what they can do to naturally improve their eyesight. Getting regular vision checkups at the eye doctor in Lancaster, OH is the best way to ensure eye health and correct any vision problems or eye disease as soon as possible. However, there are also ways you can help improve your eyesight between visits. Read on to learn more about improving your eyesight naturally.

Healthy eating to improve eye health

Most people don’t think about the fact that their diet affects their entire body, including their eyes. The best way to naturally improve your eyesight is by eating well and making sure you’re getting a good supply of nutrients and vitamins to keep your eyes working at their best.

It is proven that certain vitamins and antioxidants work to improve eyesight. The most common nutrients that improve eye health are vitamin A and lutein. Vitamin A is essential to eye health, as a deficiency can impact the supply of rhodopsin, which is a pigment that helps us see well in low light and at nighttime. Vitamin A can be found in many fruits and vegetables that are essential for overall health, including carrots, spinach, kale, liver, sweet potatoes, collard greens and even butter!

Lutein is also important for your eyes, and is a pigment found in the layers of the retina in the eye that helps shield the eye from bright lights. Numerous studies have shown that increasing the concentration of lutein in the retina helps the eye guard against excess light and improves vision. An antioxidant, lutein is found in many fruits and vegetables that you probably already eat, including kale, chard and spinach, as well as zucchini and Brussel sprouts.

Eye exercises for eye health

Eye exercises are often recommended for improving eye health, especially general eyesight and nearsightedness. While most of these exercises and vision therapies have not been proven scientifically to have any impact on eyesight, there are anecdotal accounts of improvement. Vision therapy is, however, a legitimate area of study in optometry and addresses problems with tracking, strain and alignment. Still, these exercises have not been proven to help with clarity or sight.

There are two anecdotally supported exercises for improving eyesight. The first is called the Bates Method, which suggests palming, moving and visualizations to reshape the eyeball and improve vision. There is another therapy from Yan Bao Jian Cao, who suggests certain specific massages and acupressure to relieve eye strain and other vision problems. Regardless of anecdotal or placebo affects, these are no substitute for visiting the eye doctor in Lancaster, OH.

Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC is a longtime eye doctor in Lancaster, OH, addressing all vision impairments of any type. We are a family owned and operated business and serve family members and customers of all ages. The best thing you can do for your vision is to continue going to regular appointments with the eye doctor in Lancaster, OH. No matter how old you are or what state your vision is in, getting routine examination is essential in ensuring your vision is the best it can be. Call us today for a consultation!

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