Things You Do Every Day That Could Be Hurting Your Eyes

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Your eyes assist you in many of your day-to-day tasks and activities, which is why it’s important to care for them and protect them from harm. The best ways to prevent eye issues are easier to do than you might think. Do some research, and don’t forget to book an eye exam. Here are a few things you should stop doing if you want to protect your vision and prevent eye issues in Chillicothe, OH.

Not wearing sunglasses

Exposure to ultraviolet sun rays for extended periods of time (and over time) can damage the retina, which puts you at heightened risk for major eye conditions like cataracts or abnormal growths. To avoid damage to your eyes, eye health professionals highly suggest people of all ages wear sunglasses every time they go outside. Be sure you wear a pair that’s designed to block UV light. Head to your local sunglass shop or eyeglass store for quality options. Wear contact lenses? Choose a brand with UV protection for an extra layer of defense.

Rubbing your eyes

We’ve all rubbed our eyes to the point where we see little sparkling specks in our vision for a short while afterwards. While eye rubbing may provide a moment of relief, chances are you’ve just spread bacteria, dirt and other potential hazards all over your eyes. Some germs can cause eye problems like pink eye, which is an extremely contagious disease. Also, studies show that eye rubbing is linked to permanent corneal damage that can lead to disorders like keratoconus, as well as damage like broken vessels around the eye.

Instead of rubbing your eye to get a small speck of debris out, try blinking rapidly to create tears to wash it away. Another alternative to eye rubbing is putting in eyedrops to flush out and soothe the affected area.

Leaving in old contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, then you either have daily or long-term contacts. Daily lenses, also called one-day contact lenses, are just that: meant for being worn once. Wearing one-day contact lenses any longer than recommended increases your chances of developing an infection in your eye. Keeping contacts in much longer than intended is a common practice and a habit that, if you’re guilty of it, should be broken immediately.

Staring at screens

The modern world is filled with digital screens. Staring at your computer, smartphone or television (or a combination of many devices) all day is not good for your eye health. Too much screen time actually makes your eyes feel physically tired. Just consider how long your eyes are glued to your computer screen or smartphone for work. Without even knowing it, you’re straining to read the small text on tiny screens presented with blue light. Think about the many hours kids and adults spend fixated on screens playing video games, too. The combination of long screen time and blue light leads to a reduction in blink rate, and therefore, eyes receive less lubrication.

Scheduling regular eye exams is a good step toward preventing eye issues in Chillicothe, OH. Call Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC to get started today!

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