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Four Reasons Why Optometrists in Lancaster, OH Recommend Wearing Polarized Lenses This Summer

April 5, 2017 8:03 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Choosing a new pair of sunglasses is a lot harder than you might think. There are dozens of different styles and sizes made for a variety of different activities. And that’s just when it comes to the frames! Choosing lenses is difficult, too. You have to consider which color lens you want and whether or not you want the lens to be polarized. Although they cost a bit more, you would be hard pressed to find optometrists in Lancaster, OH who don’t recommend springing for polarized lenses; here are a few reasons why: Polarized lenses eliminate glare: You’ve undoubtedly noticed... View Article

Spring Season Eye Care Tips from an Eye Doctor in Lancaster, OH

March 23, 2017 12:09 am Published by Leave your thoughts

While the most common springtime eye hazard is sun exposure, there are others that stick out as well. Allergens in your eyes will cause discomfort, and outdoor activities can lead to hurt eyes or broken eyewear. Luckily, with the right eye care knowledge, you and your family can plan for an enjoyable spring season free from eye pain and vision damage. Let’s take a look at some spring eye care tips from an eye doctor in Lancaster, OH: Wear polarized sunglasses: If you don’t want to have to stay inside during warm spring days because the sun hurts your eyes,... View Article

Advice from Your Trusted Eye Doctor in Lancaster, OH on Dealing with Seasonal Eye Allergies

March 9, 2017 12:09 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then you know that the spring months are the worst. Sure, the warm sun is out and the grass is green, but your eyes, nose and throat are having none of it. Everybody has their own allergy triggers, with the most common allergens being tree and plant pollen, grasses, mold spores, dust and pet dander. Symptoms of seasonal eye allergies include eye watering, redness, itching, burning and blurred vision, which can eventually lead to eye infections, pain and swelling. To make matters worse, outdoor allergens will cling to your clothes, hair and body and... View Article

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses in Lancaster, OH

February 18, 2017 3:36 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Choosing a pair of eyeglasses is something people ought to give much thought to. When people look at you, your glasses will be one of the first things they will see, so you want to pick a pair that looks great on you. You could always opt for a simple, boring pair, but with there being so many different types of eyeglasses available, there is a good chance you will find a pair that is perfect for you in every way. If you want to choose the perfect pair of eyeglasses in Lancaster, OH, consider following these tips: Face shape:... View Article

Why It’s Important to Wear Sunglasses in the Winter

February 4, 2017 3:36 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Once winter hits, the weather may go from hot to cold, but one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that people need to properly care for their eyes. Of the many things you can do to keep your eyes healthy, wearing sunglasses is possibly the easiest. Many people associate sunglasses with summer, so this is the only time they opt to wear them, even though there are many reasons why wearing sunglasses in the winter is just as important as any other time of the year. Since eye care in Lancaster, OH should be a priority year-round, here are... View Article