Contact Lenses in Lancaster, OH

For many, the transition from glasses to contacts is a move that helps them feel more like themselves, boosting confidence and restoring their sense of style without dampening their vision. It’s not enough to simply make the transition, however—the contact lenses in Lancaster, OH you’re wearing need to be the best ones possible for your unique vision.

Contact Lenses

No matter what your vision needs, Price Family Eye Care Professionals, LLC has a contact lens solution that’s perfect for you. Even if you’ve tried contact lenses unsuccessfully in the past, you should stop in to see what’s new! We carry numerous options—including Dailies contacts in Lancaster, OH—and do our best to fit you with contact lenses that you’ll love wearing. Some of the most popular options we provide include:

  • Dailies: Daily lenses are among the most popular types of contact on the market today! Put them in each morning and throw them away each night: there’s no need to save them or re-use them. This disposable option is healthier for your eyes and requires no maintenance. Ask us about Dailies contacts in Lancaster, OH!
  • Single vision lenses: If your vision is hindered by single astigmatism, single vision lenses could be all you need to correct it! Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, single vision lenses can help you overcome your vision impairment.
  • Multi-focal lenses: Refractive errors can cause all sorts of vision problems. Luckily, multi-focal contact lenses exist to correct these errors and restore your vision to 20/20, or as close as possible.
  • Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses: RGP lenses provide a different fit that works better for some people than a traditional contact lens. Its innovative design also increases oxygen flow to the eye, helping your eyes to breathe and not feel so bogged down during extended wear.


Lens Fitting

Whether you’re getting your first pair of contact lenses or you’re making the leap from glasses to contacts once and for all, having the right fit makes all the difference. Price Family Eye Care Professionals, LLC is pleased to provide lens fitting to you, to ensure your foray into contacts is one that’s comfortable and effective.


Alcon Products

We specialize in offering Alcon contact lenses of all types. Alcon in an industry-leading brand and continuous innovator in the realm of contact lenses, offering solutions that fit a wide variety of vision needs. We take pride in bringing our customers some of the best contacts available from this widely reputable brand.

For more information about contact lenses in Lancaster, OH or to speak with us about which option might be right for you, contact us today by calling 740-654-4762.

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