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The cornerstone of great eye care in Lancaster, OH is a routine, regular eye exam. Having your eyes inspected by an optometrist can yield a depth of information regarding the health of your vision, as well as your overall health and wellness. Taking the time to schedule an eye exam means catching vision problems early and preventing them from becoming detrimental.

Eye Exams Lancaster, OH

Price Family Eye Care Professionals, LLC is here to give your eyes the thorough examination they need! Come to us for a comprehensive eye exam in Lancaster, OH and take full advantage of the benefits of a professional assessment. We check for:

  • Glaucoma or damage to your optic nerve tissue that might hinder your vision. Early detection of glaucoma is instrumental in preventing blindness.
  • Cataracts or any clouding on the internal lens of your eyeball. This can cause blurred vision or a loss of vision if not tended to.
  • Level of binocular vision. When your eyes work together, they provide you with appropriate vision; when they can’t work as a team, your vision suffers! This can cause straining or headaches.
  • If you’re already a glasses or contacts wearer, we can reassess the offsets in your vision, to make sure your prescription is up to date.
  • Macular degeneration also known as AMD, is a medical condition which may result in blurred or no vision in the center of the visual field.
  • Diabetes or Hypertension: Early signs of diabetes and hypertension where both diseases can have a significant negative impact on eye health and vision.

Save time, come to your appointment prepared:

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Pediatric Examinations

Determining vision troubles in a child isn’t easy—they can’t tell you what they’re seeing or if there’s a problem with their eyesight. At Price Family Eye Care Professionals, LLC, we work to help pinpoint issues in your child’s vision even before they can speak! We specialize in infants under 12 months of age, and are highly adept to determining visual acuities that may help your developing child overcome eyesight impairments.


Vision Therapy

If, during a routine eye exam, an issue with your sight is uncovered, we can work with you to help correct it. Through extensive vision therapy in Lancaster, OH, eye movement disorders—such as issues with binocular vision or focusing issues—can be greatly mitigated and even resolved! Vision therapy is a series of activities or exercises prescribed and monitored by an optometrist to treat problems with visual skills and processing.

For more information about the importance of eye exams or to schedule yours today, please call 740-654-4762.